Angel SanVega

Angel SanVega

domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

Verbal Parkour

I write the miles that my legs won’t run
Letting my tongue defy gravity as if balancing the universe with my verse was not a feat
Doing the actions that my feet can’t do because I do not limp with my pen
See, making sense is my work; my words allow me to dance
Jumping over the fence of disability giving mobility to my thoughts
So I can jump and forget what every step reminds me
Leap even though gravity is not my friend
Words lend me a whole new world where my soul can twirl and zigzag around frustration
Depression should not be an option
So I gave my low self esteem for adoption and by God’s grace I have moved on
Gone are the tears and name calling days
My knees always we be blazed with the painful reminder that I never succeed in sports
But sounds and expressions will always open the doors I need not closed

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