Angel SanVega

Angel SanVega

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Wisdom feels lonely

Last Tuesday wisdom was having breakfast
Alone, again, for the ten thousand week in a row

She laughs away her loneliness
While thinking about how many people have her on their Facebook
But always ignore her comments

I guess having her in your circle of trusted friends might give you status
Even if you don’t care enough to call her on her birthday

People live calling her at ungodly hours
Requesting answers to questions that don’t even exist

And then
With bewildered eyes burning like hungry furnaces
Scream wrathful rants when she denies to just tell them what they want to hear

Her life is a monotonous and continuous battle
Between her need of recognition and her need to be herself
 She even felt tempted to sell herself out just to have a day hanging out like normal people do
Then she came back into her senses

And so, it goes her morning
Writing on her blog
Receiving some phone calls
Answering some emails that she knows will not have an honest reply

And finally
Updating her resume
While collecting her check from unemployment