Angel SanVega

Angel SanVega

viernes, 7 de junio de 2013


Now, the trick is to blend in
be part of the crowd, so much in fact
that you become the crowd

Mesh so deeply your skin mimic their clothes
your voice merely echoes their thoughts
be the crowd so much that your perfume smells like their breath

your eyes would only see the back of their heads
while they lead the way
your ears going numb by their repetitive mumbles

Get submerged into this happy bliss
This peaceful river of blatant ignorance
drown all your opinions, your ideas

Do not do anything meaningful
wallow on your new blandness
Become an inert part of the system

Suffocate all the rage you might feel
mute off all your questions
Get drunk in the wine of dullness

Then one night
around 2 am
wake up

sweating, heart pounding
with the nagging feeling of forgetting something
something important, vital perhaps

And then realize,
You were supposed to rebel
You were meant to change the world

But you got caught up
Pleasing others... earning money
being a cog on the machine

So, cry
be scared, you feel for the trick
they won