Angel SanVega

Angel SanVega

miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Open letter to someone

In the unlikely event of you reading these words

I want you to understand I’m not talking about myself

I am talking to and about you

I bet you miss yourself

Immersed in your little world

And trying to escape your own thoughts

For no other reason than sheer boredom of your past life

And it cannot be something else than boredom

Otherwise; why leaving being your real self an unfinished business?

That fake happiness dangling on your chin does not hide the fact

That once again, you’re changing to be somebody you are not

And is not that I do not understand you

I do speak crazy fluidly

I have had the idea of just running away and change my name

Like Frost I want the less traveled road once in a while

Dress differently, speak differently… smell differently

But to succumb to this temptation

To fall for this illusion

Is to stop growing up and shrink down

It is not the way of becoming a man tested and true

And you may call me bitter, my friend,

But honesty sometimes is as sweet as raw lemons

Yet as needed as blankets in the night

As cold as a winter shower

But as useful as God’s voice

And in honor of truth

I will admit, I miss your old self… too

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  1. Me encanta! It's a raw honesty in which the seal falls on those who claim it! Cunning indeed